Proposal disaster as new fiancé falls 650ft down cliff moments after saying yes – Mirror Online

The fiancé sticks to the rocky ledge till he was saved by an emergency situation services helicopter which lowered a rope down to him.

The couple had just got engaged (stock photo)

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A female fell numerous metres down a cliff instantly after concurring to wed her partner.

The couple accepted tie the knot from the stunning vantage point at the top of Falkert mountain in Carinthia, Austria.

Their romantic minute was disrupted when the 32-year-old fell 650ft over rocky surface.

Luckily she landed in a carpet of snow which broke her fall, Bild reports.

Her 27-year-old sweetheart tried to stop her from disappearing over the edge.

In doing so he likewise slipped off the mountain and fell just under 50 feet.

Through large luck he handled to stick on to a rocky ledge until aid showed up.

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