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“Right folks, we’ve created a brand-new campervan based upon the Transit Custom, however we require a name that records the spirit of adventure and makes potential consumers wish to go out into the wilderness …”

That was presumably the conversation starter in Ford’s recent focus group. So, how in the world did this thing end up being christened the Ford Transit Custom Nugget?

We’ve got no idea, but we’re all for it. Power to the madcap automobile names.

Aside from the moniker, the Custom Nugget is a simple thing to explain. Transit campervan conversions have been around for many years in a non-official sense, so it’s no surprise to see Ford itself participating the action. It’s come at a lucky time too, offered that the world has actually now fallen back in love with outdoor camping and holidays at house.

How painful does the totally empty camping area setup appearance in the images above? We’re conscious that we frequently grumble about those terribly lifestyley press shots, however at least they don’t make it look like the Custom Nugget and its outdoor camping chairs have made it through the armageddon unblemished.

Anyhow, this is basically a direct rival to the Volkswagen California and comes in either long or short wheelbase forms. Both of those seat five and sleep four adults, whilst also having fully working kitchens. The only real difference in between the two is that the LWB version gets a khazi beside the kitchen area. Yep, it’s a toilet onboard a Transit.

There’s only one trim level, a number of optional extras and one engine with 2 various power outputs.

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