Woman spent £437k she stole from employers on building new house and skiing holidays – Mirror Online

The new home Rhodes was developing with the cash she stole in Verwood, Dorset (Image: BNPS)”She took part in lavish living, investing money on skiing vacations, flights and meals.” She composed an email to Mr Feeney pretending to be Mr Northey stating she was

entitled to a ₤ 89,000 reward in 2017 (to keep them uninformed of the fraud ). “Ms Rhodes was let go by the company in May 2018 following an internal investigation into another unassociated disciplinary matter.

“It was through more investigation that financial irregularities were spotted and Mr Northey called the authorities, although Ms Rhodes text him and pled him not to.

“This was a fraud which needed mindful planning and a level of sophistication, where the defendant abused her position of obligation.”

Reading out a victim effect statement on Mr Northey’s behalf, Mr Shaw stated the fraud caused “a substantial financial impact” on the business.

A lady who took more than ₤ 437,000 from her employers and invested it on a constructing a brand-new house and snowboarding vacations has been jailed for 5 years.

Emma Rhodes used her position as financial controller for a company to siphon off the money over two and a half years.

She even wrote phony emails to reveal to her partner that she was succeeding in her job and was entitled to ₤ 89,000 rewards to stop him ending up being suspicious about their new-found wealth.

The 37-year-old “resided in cloud cuckoo land” and blew the cash on a lavish lifestyle that included an ₤ 80,000 Range Rover and a ₤ 10,000 Rolex watch, a court heard.

Rhodes, from Verwood, Dorset, worked for Norco GRP, an effective company that made plastic components for boats.

As financial controller earning ₤ 30,000 a year, she was in charge of the company accounts and for paying suppliers.

Instead of paying them she moved thousands of pounds into her own account or her joint one with sweetheart Lee Feeney. Matters came to a head in May 2018 when she lost her job over an unrelated disciplinary matter and her fraud was found a month later on. Rhodes, who had began working for Norco in September 2014, pleaded guilty to scams at Bournemouth Crown Court. (Image: BNPS)”She engaged in extravagant living, investing cash on snowboarding meals, flights and vacations.” She wrote an e-mail to Mr Feeney pretending to be Mr Northey saying she was

entitled to a ₤ 89,000 perk in 2017 (to keep them uninformed of the scams ).

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