PlayStation 5: Loud Fan Fixed by One Weird Adjustment –

The truth is that some PlayStation 5 buyers have seen that their brand-new next-gen console is suspiciously loud. While we didn’t experience anything of the sort with our own review unit, it is undeniable that some PS5s seem louder than others, but there is a possibility that one strange change could be all you require to fix your issue if you are one of the affected owners.Frank Keienburg, video game lead for Supercell’s Brawl Stars computer game, discovered that their PS5 was especially loud with a continuous whirring whenever it started up. This would occur consistently, and seemed to be something up with the fan itself as they disconnected it and handled to replicate the noise with air. And after that they opened it up– which likely voids the PS5’s service warranty, so beware– only to find that a small bit of label had come loose and lodged in such a method that it was triggering the noise.You can have a look at Keienburg’s journey from messed-up fan to fixed PS5 below:

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