Lonely man ordered to get rid of two pet geese because of their constant honking – Mirror Online

He states he would be heartbroken if he eliminated them (Image: SWNS) While the reduction notification does not buy Sven to get rid of the animals, it does buy him to stop triggering a “sound annoyance”.

Sven said he feels “backed into a corner” since there is nothing else he can do besides get rid of them if he wants to prevent a substantial fine.

According to the notification, the problem will need to be dealt with by Tuesday, December 8.

Sven said he has talked to a few people who may be happy to take the geese on but that letting them go will be “heartbreaking”.

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman stated: “We take any concern concerning sound nuisance in our communities very seriously and will constantly investigate any complaints that are made.

Read More Related Articles”Complaints can range from numerous forms of anti-social behaviour to the playing of music or loud sound of animals and birds.

“If following an investigation the level of noise is discovered to be of a unacceptable and constant level a caution letter will be sent out to the homeowner.

“This can include sometimes the serving of an abatement notice that requires actions to be taken by the homeowner in a reasonable timescale to minimize the sound.

“If no steps are taken, even more action might be taken by the council. Anyone served with an abatement notice can appeal the decision if they want to do so.”

A lonesome male who purchased 2 pet geese as company throughout lockdown has been ordered to eliminate them because of their consistent honking.

Sven Kirby hand-reared the birds after purchasing them for ₤ 40 each in June.

The geese, named Beep and Norbert, now easily waddle around his house using nappies.

And are regularly seen spotted walking with their cherished owner around Leeds, West Yorkshire and even accompany him to the pub.

Now, 34-year-old Sven faces the heartbreaking prospect of having to let them go after receiving an abatement notification from his regional council stating the birds are making too much noise.

The notification, from Leeds City Council, alerts Sven he need to “avoid the reoccurrence of the annoyance” within 28 days or deal with a fine of approximately ₤ 5,000.

However, according to Sven the plaintiffs are still unhappy with the honking throughout the day. He has been informed to keep the geese peaceful (Image: SWNS)He stated:”They make a noise when they see someone pass or hear something, it

‘s like a defense mechanism. “It is a fairly loud honk however it’s not something which occurs all the time.”Sven included:” What my neighbours and the council stop working to understand are that these birds are my pets, they’re not animals.

“Just because they’re geese does not imply they don’t have the very same standing in my home as a dog or a feline may in others.

“I’m sure that if they have to go then they will suffer separation anxiety.”

“The prospect of losing them is heartbreaking.”It practically feels as if social services are taking my children away. According to Sven the plaintiffs are still dissatisfied with the honking during the day.”If no actions are taken, further action might be taken by the council.

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