Heres our first glimpse of Fall Guys season 3 –

Mediatonic has actually revealed the very first look of Fall Guys’ all-new season 3.

And when I state glimpse, I really do imply look; the zoomed-in shot does not distribute much besides the video game’s signature colour scheme and the underside of … well, I’m unsure, quite honestly.

The knockout fight royale currently has a large and unexpected selection of tools to send us speeding off into the pink slime, but – to me, anyhow – this looks a little like a hot-pink yoyo besides the corner of a salmon-coloured cube. Curiouser and curiouser, eh?The CMS is being a bit unsteady so I can’t embed the tweet itself, but here’s the image shared on the Fall Guys Twitter account. Enjoy:


It’s been a couple of months considering that Fall Guys’second season arrived, bringing a middle ages flavour to its tremendously popular knockabout action, but developer Mediatonic likewise recently shared its mid-season update, presenting numerous improvements, round variations, and an entirely new phase called Big Fans.As Matt summed up at the time, both Season 2 and classic rounds have actually been revitalized, and there’s a particular focus on middle ages infusions, including spiky rollers and swinging scythes in hitherto familiar stages. Furthermore, expect fruity surprises and gasp at Perfect Match’s new hugely rotating pole – which looks as humorous as it does indicate. This material is hosted on an external platform, which will just display it if you accept targeting cookies. Please enable cookies to see. Handle cookie settings

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