Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War update: PS4 and Xbox patch notes with Nuketown release – Express

UPDATE: The brand-new Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War spot notes have actually been released today by Treyarch, validating all the most recent modifications to the game across all suitable platforms.The full details concerning today’s Black Ops Cold War updates can be discovered below: MULTIPLAYER Defense Attack Rifles Submachine Guns Submachine Gun Alpha Lowered

  • base reliable damage variety by 33%(15.24 m to 10.16 m)

    • . Added more character

      • to preliminary recoil by tweaking several bullet trajectories.(While this does

      • n’t affect the vertical/horizontal control stats in Gunsmith, this modification makes it harder to remain on target by changing the trajectories of several bullets in the initial firing experience.) (Update: These changes were accidentally gone back in today’s update and will return in an approaching update.)

      • Tactical Rifles M16 Minimized max damage variety by 15 %(25.4 m to 21.59 m). Increased sprint to fire time.Slightly slowed relocation speed while firing.Slightly increased hold-up between

      • bursts.Rebalanced fire rate rewards on barrel

        • attachments.Slightly minimized

          • effectiveness of laser attachments.Tactical Rifle Charlie Lowered max damage range by 20%(

          • 38.1 m to 30.48 m).

          • Increased sprint to fire time.Slightly slowed move speed while firing.Slightly increased delay between bursts.Rebalanced fire rate bonus offers on barrel attachments.Slightly lowered efficiency of laser attachments.Type 63

          • DMR 14 Light Machine Guns Sniper Rifles(All )Adjusted Sprint to Fire

          • times to represent early blend/interruption allowed through animation system.Adjusted motion speed impact when firing to desired worths

            • to make each shot feel more powerful.Fine-tuned barrel attachments that improve idle sway

            • to provide an unique feel on each gun.Pistols Magnum Somewhat improved fire rate.Improved max damage range.Improved presence while firing after the first shot.Shotguns Game Modes

            • Hardcore Search & Destroy Free-For-All CDL Hardpoint Integrated Arms Generates Customized Games Scorestreaks Fight Bow Care Package Sentry Turret Napalm Strike

            • Air Patrol Artillery Cruise Missile War Machine Attack Helicopter Increased

            • expense from 4,000 to

            • 4,500.

          • Increased damage from 50 to 75 per bullet.Increased health from 4,500

            • to 5,000. Decreased the duration of the screen shake from bullet impacts.Reduced the quantity of time the helicopter will remain in one location

            • before relocating.VTOL Escort Lowered expense from 8,500 to 8,000. Increased turret burst length and lowered cooldown time.Chopper Gunner Increased cost from 6,000 to 6,500. Decreased the movement on the gun when shooting. Maps Equipment Eliminations Finishing Moves Improved the ability

          • to activate a Finishing Move on misaligned surfaces.Addressed a problem where players would wind up in an unintentional pose if they were downed while being eliminated by Finishing Move. Stability General Repaired a crash that could happen during introduction series of

            a Multiplayer match.Fixed a crash that might occur when utilizing Weapons/Ammo Caches.Fixed numerous

      • rare crashes that might occur

        while the gamer

        • was downed.Fixed a rare

        • crash that could occur when pinging a downed friendly player.Fixed an unusual crash that could occur when taking damage as the

          inflictor detached from the game.Fixed an uncommon crash that could occur when shooting a locked-on missile.Fixed an uncommon

          crash that might happen in Search and Destroy.Added various

        • stability fixes.Scorestreaks Repaired an unusual crash that might take place when the

        • gamer detached after their Care Package had

        • landed.Fixed an uncommon crash that could take place if the owner of a VTOL Scorestreak

          disconnected from the server as they were taking control

          • of the Scorestreak.Fixed an unusual crash that might take place when

          • using the Cruise Missile.Fixed an uncommon crash related to Scorestreak

          • rating aggregation.Progression Vehicles Equipment Field Upgrades Killcam Perks Misc. Fixes UI Addressed a concern where the player would receive a UI mistake when they went back to the lobby post-match. Addressed an issue where, if a gamer respawned or taken part progress while their teammate

        • was downed, their

          • restore UI would be missing.Addressed a rare occurrence where players

          • would receive a UI mistake at the end of the exfil cinematic.Progression Gunsmith Vehicles

        • ZOMBIES Gameplay Enhanced general zombie pathing.Enemies will now use their out-of-bounds attacks against players in more unintended locations.Closed different exploitable places where the gamer could leave the desired play


      Stability Repaired a crash that might

      happen when Perks did not correctly

      match up with the gamer’s updated Perk Skills.Fixed a crash that might

      occur when getting Perk cans.Added numerous stability fixes. Bug Fixes Perks Field Upgrades

    • Defense Addressed a problem that prevented accessories from applying to certain weapons.Addressed a concern that triggered specific weapons, such as the Ray Gun, to be lost when being revived.Addressed a concern

      where Support rarity would display as the

      • very same rarity as the player’s weapon instead of the rarity it was on the ground.Addressed an issue that caused Set

      • Showcase Weapon not to function effectively in Create-a-Class.

      • Development When reaching Prestige 1, attended to a problem with the incorrect icon displaying. Resolved an issue that caused weapon XP to be made on weapons utilized by teammates.Addressed an issue that permitted players to earn progress towards Dark Ops Challenges erroneously by signing up with a match in progress.Addressed a concern that triggered numerous incorrect XP notices to appear at the end of

      • a co-op match.HUD Addressed a problem that triggered the player’s health bar on the HUD to not effectively display as empty when passing away under particular circumstances.Addressed a problem where just two of the remaining gamers

      • ‘names showed up after one of 4 gamers left

        of the match.Addressed an issue

        • that triggered inaccurate gamer colors to appear on the HUD after death.Visuals Loot Host Migration Resolved various concerns which in some cases triggered host migration to fail.Addressed a problem where gamers would get a UI mistake while trying to open their scoreboard while moving hosts.Gunsmith Secret Box Dealt with a problem that prevented the weapon name from effectively appearing after utilizing the Mystery Box.Addressed a rare concern that caused the Mystery Box to remain open after use.Equipment Level of sensitivity Dead Ops Arcade 3 Addressed a problem where the Arcade Machine pickup might cause a break in game

      • progression.Addressed a problem that

      • triggered enemies to spawn on top of players.Addressed a concern where the

      • player would see

      • placeholder

      • text before the opening cutscene

        played.Onslaught WORLDWIDE Settings Stability

        Bug Fixes Development Addressed a concern that made weapon camouflage

        and Challenge development appear to reset after resuming from a suspended state.Addressed an issue where Medals made in-game were not displayed in the Barracks tab.Addressed a concern where a Challenge’s description might overlap with other text.Camos Resolved a concern with Mastery camouflages always appearing as secured the Gunsmith but functional in

      • Custom Games.Addressed an issue where the”Equipped” icon was disappointing properly on the picked camouflage upon

    • going back to

    • the camo menu.Addressed a problem that would enable players to equip any weapon camo in Custom Games.Attachments Resolved

      a problem where

      • optic reticles might appear unlocked

      • regardless of the gamer not satisfying the requirements.Addressed a concern where attachments constantly revealed as opened when

      • switching Weapon Blueprints.Addressed an issue that would open all optic reticles on Weapon Blueprints.Reticles Dealt with a problem where reticles could appear upside-down. Cosmetics Operators UI Attended to a problem

      • where overlapping text was shown when receiving a buddy demand in-game through the user’s Activision account.Addressed a UI error that might take place when loading in as a CODCaster in Custom Games.

      • PC Bug Fixes Development Main Menu

      Settings Attended to a problem where the option

    • to make it possible for Ray Tracing

    • was shown when

      • not supported.Addressed a problem where the Screen Space Reflections setting was stuck on Low Quality.Updated the

      • description of “Field of View”options in the Settings menu.Friends List Fireteam: Dirty Bomb Addressed a problem with group

      • names revealing up incorrectly in the After-Action report of a Fireteam: Dirty Bomb match.Addressed a concern where pals would not show the abundant presence of a pal playing Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.Removed an unneeded notice when signing up with Fireteam: Dirty Bomb playlists.Aspect Ratio KNOWN ISSUES Keep in mind

    • : The list listed below is

      • not comprehensive and is planned to give everybody a basic idea of a few of the bigger issues

      • that we’re tracking at the minute. For additional details, take a look at our Trello board and Activision

      • Support’s known concerns list.Multiplatform Controllers Development After reaching Prestige 1, the gamer’s Season Level number in the upper-right corner of the screen displays the proper level, but the level number displayed in the After-Action Report is currently inaccurate.Some visual concerns can take place during the level-up sequence.Friends’level icons are not shown until the gamer accesses the menu of any video game mode.Splitscreen Fight Record Fireteam: Dirty Bomb Group names in the After-Action Report scoreboard are presently inaccurate for Fireteam: Dirty Bomb matches.In rare cases, “Detonating Dirty Bomb”may stay on the player’s HUD longer than intended.Parties/ Friend List Celebration leaders may receive”You left the celebration “after bringing their party back out to the main menu.Players are able to” Quick Join” a gamer that is marked as Offline.Calling Cards Scorestreaks Chat PC Various stability issues presently being investigated.The Multiplayer menu currently appears as”Partially

    • Installed”when the Multiplayer plan isn’t

      installed.The Connection pop-up overlaps currently with the account creation screen. Engaging with the error pop-up will permit the player to finish the sign-up process.The electronic camera in Theater can not be rotated with the mouse. Keyboard and Mouse The Confirm button at the Change Display Name screen might stay locked even if the gamer gets in text in the Edit box.Quickly navigating

  • through long scrolling lists using a mouse can currently cause stability issues.A new Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War upgrade is out now across all compatible platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.And while we don’t understand precisely what has actually changed with this newest build, designers Treyarch has actually promised they will be providing answers.Official patch notes are set to

  • be shared soon by the Cold War team, which will verify

  • all the changes made

    • to the game considering that launch.A message from Treyarch confirms: “Launch week patch notes incoming soon! Keep an eye out for

    • details on everything we’ve upgraded and fixed considering that launch.

    • “Meanwhile, today’s update weighs in at slightly different sizes, depending on which platform you’re playing on.The greatest download size is around 15GB,

    however this could alter if more spots are

    released today.There’s a lot of

    modifications players are trying to find

  • following the launch of

    • the latest Call of Duty game.One user composes:”Hopefully weapon tuning … and crash fixes, having the ability to see what you open after game, hit reg, upside down

    • reticles, rank actually tracking, launchers killing people, why no negatives to perk greed, zombies

    • problem fixes. “And do something with this god dreadful aim assist, I’m probably a below-average gamer

  • and it

    • ‘s terribly strong … so strong my aim nearly gets a sticky sensation on an opponent and I wind up pressing the stick too difficult left or right to get more exact aim and overshoot every time.

      Improved the capability

  • to set off a Finishing Move on misaligned surfaces.Addressed an issue where players would end up in an unintended posture if they were downed while being gotten rid of by Finishing Move. Addressed a problem where the gamer would receive a UI error when they returned to the lobby post-match. Attended to an issue with the incorrect icon showing when reaching Prestige 1. Attended to a concern where reticles could appear upside-down. Communicating with the error pop-up will permit the player to finish the sign-up process.The electronic camera in Theater can not be rotated with the mouse.

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