YouTube down: Users in meltdown as video sharing site stops working for two hours – Mirror Online

“Our team is conscious of the concern and working on a repair. The YouTube post stated: “If you’re having trouble watching videos on YouTube right now, you’re not alone– our group is mindful of the problem and working on a fix. One user said: “You believe you are upset. While an unhappy mum added: “Please repair it ASAP! Around 2am YouTube tweeted again to state: “And we’re back– we’re so sorry for the interruption.

Twitter to vent their frustrations utilizing hashtag #YouTubeDOWN.

One user stated: “You think you are upset. I pay for YouTube Premium AND YouTube TELEVISION AND BOTH my services are down.

“We better get a free f ****** month for the lack of home entertainment. I spend $80+ USD per month for entertainment from YouTube and I can’t enjoy any of it today.”

Another agreed: “Premium subscribers certainly deserve a free month for this, simply saying.”

While a dissatisfied mum added: “Please fix it ASAP! I have a kid who will not sleep without viewing her favorite Ozzy Osbourne videos!”

Another said: “Guy I was viewing a how to live tutorial however YouTube down help.”

And another: “Daily Motion now that YouTube has actually chosen to crash.”

One boasted: “Lucky for me, I am lame and load up the videos I desire to view well in advance, I am sorry for everyone who clicks on videos spontaneously like a typical person.”

Around 2am YouTube tweeted once again to say: “And we’re back– we’re so sorry for the disturbance. This is fixed across all devices & & YouTube services, thanks for being patient with us.”

On November 3, the platform had actually likewise tweeted to apologise to any users “seeing errors” in YouTube Studio.

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