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Google Maps is a fantastic navigation tool, however at the exact same time, the Mountain View-based parent business is always looking into methods to broaden all of its other sides.

And most recently, Google announced a cooperation with the British Film Institute (BFI) for a rather special function that would be contributed to Google Maps starting with late November.Users will be permitted to view tens of films on Google Maps, all at absolutely no charge, as long as they fix a little puzzle from the comfort of their sofas.More particularly, Google and BFI have actually published the films at numerous areas on Google Maps, and if you can determine where they are, you can then enjoy them completely totally free. These United Kingdom places are connected to numerous information about the motion pictures, such as the location where they were set,

so after discovering them on the map, you can simply hit the play button which’s pretty much it.Google says it’ll publish a series of hints about all the locations where you can discover the videos

, and these will go live later on this month as part of the Google Pixel Presents Mobile Cinema launch.A list put together by Yahoo Movies shows that the videos Google Maps users will be offered with open door to consists of numerous blockbusters,

such as Skyfall, Children of Men, Dog Soldiers, Pride, The Souvenir, and The English Patient.At this point, it’s not yet clear if the service is expected to be limited to users in the United Kingdom, but similar to whatever else on the Internet, it’s most likely simply a matter of time until everybody else discovers a method to view the movies no matter where they live. And of course, anticipate the list of locations where the films can be discovered on Google Maps to leakage to the web shortly after the campaign goes live online in late November.

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