Google Photos Will No Longer Offer Free and Unlimited Storage –

Starting in mid-2021, Google Photos will no longer use free and unrestricted storage. The excellent news? Existing uploads are exempt.

“To continue providing everyone with a great storage experience and to keep pace with the growing demand, we’re revealing essential upcoming storage modifications to your Google Account,” Google vice president Jose Pastor announced. “These storage policy changes will not take effect up until June 1, 2021. However, we wished to let you know well ahead of time and provide you the resources to browse these changes.”

For Google Photos, the news is bleak: Where the service now offers endless and free storage of “high quality” pictures and 1 GB of “original quality” pictures, it will quickly transfer to a design in which all pictures will be held versus a 15 GB ceiling that is available across Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

“Beginning June 1, any brand-new picture or video uploaded in High quality in Google Photos will count toward your free 15 GB storage quota or any additional storage you’ve bought as a Google One member,” Pastor continues. “To make this shift easier, we’ll exempt all High quality photos and videos you back up prior to June 1. This includes all of the High quality photos and videos you currently keep with Google Photos … We estimate that 80 percent of you must have at least 3 years before you reach 15 GB.”

Also starting June 1, any brand-new Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, or Jamboard) files will also begin counting toward your totally free 15 GB of designated storage (or any extra storage provided through Google One), Google states. Similar To Google Photos, formerly uploaded files will not count toward storage, unless they’re customized on or after June 1.

Lastly, Google is likewise instituting a brand-new policy for accounts that are non-active or surpass their storage quota. Accounts that are non-active in one or more of the relevant services (Gmail, Drive, and Photos), or are over their storage limitation, for 2 years may see their content erased.

“We will alert you numerous times prior to we try to get rid of any material so you have adequate opportunities to take action,” Pastor states, adding that you can simply visit your Gmail, Drive, or Photos service on the web or mobile periodically to avoid the account being marked as non-active.

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