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The comics crime-fighting duo Sam & & Max return to the spotlight on 2nd December in Sam & & Max Save the World Remastered. It’ll be available to pre-order in the United States on Switch for $19.99, with European pre-orders opening on Wednesday.

Skunkape Games – a small indie developer made up of previous Telltale workers – obtained the rights for Sam & & Max Season One after Telltale closed down in 2018.

This video game is described by Skunkape as a “product of its time” – with compressed graphics, sound and technical constraints that don’t quite hold up in 2020. The remaster upgrades the graphics, adds Joy-Con and touch screen assistance, brings back audio (and adds 5 new tracks), and includes many additions and tweaks made possible by the advancement of dev tools.

Max - Office comparison

The video game has English voice and subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, and Russian. Here’s a little bit of the backstory, if you have not saved the world with Sam & & Max prior to:

Created by comic artist Steve Purcell, Sam and Max are a six-foot canine investigator and a hyperkinetic rabbity-thing who dole out their own brand of comical justice as the Freelance Police.

In Sam & & Max Save the World, the duo examine a hypnosis plot that spins to worldwide percentages to include washed-up kid stars, the media, the mafia, the United States federal government, the web, and the intense side of the moon. A goofy story, brain-tickling puzzles, eccentric characters, and oddball humor provide a casual gameplay experience that was billed as “gaming’s very first sitcom” upon its initial release.

SM Are you delighted for the return of Sam & & Max? Did you play this video game back then? Leave a remark below.

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