People dont recognise me after 8st weight loss – but I have a huge regret – Mirror Online

It wasn’t until Jayne got a pain in her leg that doctors discovered her lungs were in truth filled with blood embolisms. Jayne was given blood slimmers and informed to rest but being stuck at home all day suggested she turned to food. Last October, Jayne signed up with the Cambridge Weight Plan and swapped takeaways and chocolate for 200-calorie soups, smoothies and treat bars. Jayne said:”I was on a stringent diet plan of 800 calories a day but I stuck at it since I desired fast outcomes. Now Jayne weighs 12st 12lbs, has shed 67 inches and is a curvy size 12.

Facebook messages from females telling me how much I inspire them, so I’ve now end up being a CWP expert. Whether people concern wishing to lose one stone or 10, I’m enthusiastic about assisting them achieve their objectives.

“I’ve swapped cocktails for mocktails, fizzy drinks for flavoured water and I cut my everyday chocolate treat into little cubes, so they last longer.

“I’m much healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. My only regret is refraining from doing it earlier.”

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