Millions of Android users could find themselves blocked from popular websites – Express

Hoffman-Andrews said research shows 34 percent of Android users are running a version of the OS that’s listed below 7.1.

And considering there are over two billions Android users worldwide, it would indicate hundreds of millions of individuals are set to be affected by the incoming changes.Outlining the changes, Hoffman-Andrews discussed in a blog site post how in 2021 Let’s Encrypt won’t be co-signing certificates with IdenTrust’s DST Root X3 root.Instead, Let’s Encrypt will be going solely with its own ISRG Root X1 root certificate-with deal with this relocation start at the start of 2021. Explaining how this will affect Android users, the Let’s Encrypt engineer stated:”We’re going to delay the shift to ISRG’s root a little more, to January 11 2021. The patterns of Android adoption have not substantially enhanced because last year.” According to numbers from Android Studio 49, just 66 percent of Android users

are on version 7.1 or above, which includes ISRG’s root. Android 7.1 was launched in August 2016.

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