Google app enables banks to lock Android devices over credit defaults – Finextra

Spotted by the Android online forum at XDA Developers, the Device Lock Controller app utilizes the DeviceAdminService API in the Android system and enables banks and financers to lock substantial performances of the device if the user misses a monthly payment.With the device locked, users are able to access a restricted number of restricted functions, such as emergency calls, inbound and choose outbound calls, settings, and backup and restore service.According to Google, the app was established in show with Kenyan mobile money carrrier Safaricom. A representative from Google told XDA that the app was developed to assist Safaricom with its brand-new”Lipa Mdogo “(Pay Bit by Bit)financing plan which lets clients get an Android Go device with monthly financing. Digital payments will be talked about in depth at EBAday 2020.

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