Destiny 2 Pre-Beyond Light Live Event: Where And What Time To Watch – Forbes

If Destiny is trying to do a Fortnite-style “shut the game off” event, it’s possible the climax of whatever the live event is will take place around this time. Based on Luke Smith’s remarks, I anticipate this to be smaller in scale than the Almighty damage and crash. In an ideal world we would visit one disappearing planet per hour and see the Pyramids destroy them live, but we have to be reasonable in our expectations here, and comprehend what Destiny and its engine are capable of., YouTube and Instagram., which is also on audiobook.

Previous that, I have no concept. In a best world we would go to one disappearing planet per hour and watch the Pyramids destroy them live, however we have to be sensible in our expectations here, and understand what Destiny and its engine can. Hey, the Almighty occasion was more included than I was expecting, so who understands? I would anticipate with the coming changes to the game, we may get more of these occasions more frequently in the future, and have them be more substantial in scope. But this time around, I am keeping my expectations moderate.

I will be visiting at 7 PM to hang out in the Tower for the complete three hour period. I’ll either upgrade this post or write a brand-new one with live updates, but the best place for those will probably be to follow me on Twitter. Stay tuned, it might be a fascinating night.

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