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Everyone was delighted when Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez bought back OpTic Gaming, however the emergence of 100 Thieves’ new CDL franchise, LA Thieves, has raised some serious questions about what comes next for the iconic brand.OpTic had actually formerly belonged to Immortals Gaming Club prior to recently being offered back to H3CZ relatively out of nowhere, and their Los Angeles CDL slot was consequently gotten by 100 Thieves. Now, the brand is in limbo and a great deal of fans are questioning

what place it has, if any, in Call of Duty now that its spot in the league belongs to another franchise and OGLA is no longer out there. CDL OpTic Gaming LA lasted just one season in the CDL, and a chunk of its debut roster is gone. How did we get to this point? Returning to when H3CZ initially needed OpTic

from Immortals, it

rapidly emerged that he would need to make a subsequent transaction given that he is currently the CEO of Chicago Huntsmen. Thus, reports came out that

the two likeliest situations for H3CZ to pursue were to either sell the LA slot and rebrand Huntsmen as OpTic, or offer Huntsmen and move NRG’s CoD esports operations to Los Angeles. Reportedly, he chose the first option, however sources claimed that the CDL front office desired franchises to stay connected to the cities they were established in, which would make the Huntsmen rebrand to OpTic impossible.In those very same reports, it was also stated that NRG

was certainly going to offer Huntsmen and the Chicago slot to continue operating OGLA if the league was not going to enable them to bring the Green Wall to Chicago. The emergence of LA Thieves has actually raised major questions about the future of OpTic Gaming in CoD. However, that’s undoubtedly turned out not to be the case, as the LA spot was ultimately offered to 100T, which leaves the 2nd circumstance as the only real possible one, despite the CDL apparently not liking the concept of a Huntsmen rebrand. That stated, the overwhelming sentiment is that Hector, being the smart business owner that he is, would never ever have actually quit the LA slot without understanding that he could bring OpTic to Chicago. This suggests he might have the blessing of the league to carry out the plan lots of believed was his first choice anyway.So, what does this all imply? Before the 2021 season starts, we might really well see NRG and Rodriguez get rid of the Huntsmen brand and improve their CoD franchise as Chicago OpTic or OpTic Gaming Chicago. That would, in turn, put the similarity Seth’Scump’Abner and Matthew ‘Formal ‘Piper back in OpTic colors, something which long time CoD fans would never ever have actually believed to be a possibility prior to this year.MLG Could we see Scump and FormaL back in OpTic colors quickly?

Even aside from Scump and FormaL, the transition from Huntsmen to OpTic would be smooth and extremely natural. The organization has a number of Green Wall legends already got, consisting of Marcus ‘MBoZe’ Blanks Jr, Nick ‘MaNiaC’ Kershner, and Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards, who runs the material creation team, Team Summertime, under the NRG banner.

Of course, there’s H3CZ, who hundreds of thousands of fans tearfully viewed be separated from his cherished company after losing out on buying it back from Infinite Esports & & Entertainment in 2019.

Seeing him at the helm of OpTic Gaming as soon as again feels right, which even more fuels the speculation that a Huntsmen rebrand is coming, since there simply appears no way that he would reacquire the Green Wall brand if he didn’t have larger strategies for it.

What happens to Huntsmen if Chicago becomes OpTic?

> Jordan Reed by means of EsportsNation Have we already seen the last of the Chicago Huntsmen in the CDL? The short response to this is that the Huntsmen brand name will cease to exist, at least in the meantime. That stated, however, with the CDL vowing that it’ll want to broaden following the 2021 campaign, it will clearly become a top target for potential owners to embrace for their brand-new franchise.

Therefore, it’s most likely smarter to do the rebrand now as opposed to numerous seasons in, just since the name would end up being ingrained in the CoD culture way more already– possibly a bit too much for the league to be great with its exit.

As things stand, Huntsmen (187.4 K) leads all other franchises in Twitter followers by a mile (second-highest is Dallas Empire with 85K), so it’s already the most popular name around.

That stated, there’s no denying that this is largely due to the Huntsmen’s deep roots in OpTic history. As pointed out above, its CEO and several of the prominent pro players and content developers are icons of the Green Wall, which has actually inevitably allowed the org to make the most of the vacuum left behind when OG came under the control of Immortals.

Paradoxically, during its time in the CDL, OGLA ended up being a sort of a ‘public opponent’ amongst CoD fans, a lot of whom called the Huntsmen “the real OpTic” and frequently took chance ats their social networks posts, particularly ones that were inflammatory.

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