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After years of rumors, we’re anticipating the OnePlus Watch to appear in the not-too-distant future– however according to a well-placed tipster it will not be running the Google Wear OS software when it does arrive.Max Jambor,

who has been right in the past with advance OnePlus information, took to Twitter to reveal that the upcoming wearable will not be a Wear OS device, as had been anticipated considering the collaboration with OnePlus and Google on Android.

Of course this isn’t official yet, however it would be a fascinating move from OnePlus, and a blow for Google. There are some good Wear OS views on the marketplace, however there’s definitely lots of room for more as well.We’re presuming that OnePlus will undoubtedly develop its own bespoke software for the OnePlus Watch, in the exact same method that other makers like Samsung, Garmin and Fitbit have actually done up to this point.Watch this space We were originally expecting to see the OnePlus Watch in October, but that launch date got pressed back: production or software problems may have been to blame, which wouldn’t be a surprise given the ongoing global pandemic.It’s been a busy year for OnePlus, with the OnePlus 8T simply among several phones that the maker has pushed out this year. If deal with the wearable has had to be put on

the backburner for an amount of time then that would be perfectly understandable.Other reports indicate a round screen for the upcoming wearable, so believe more along the lines of a Samsung Galaxy Watch instead of an Apple Watch. At the moment the marketplace is pretty evenly split in between round and rectangular designs.OnePlus itself hasn’t verified that it has a smartwatch on the way, although this tweet would seem to recommend that’s the case. If and when a OnePlus-branded wearable shows up to choose the business’s smart devices and tv, we’ll

let you understand.

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