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We’ve understood for a while that Google wanted to retire Google Play Music by the end of the year, and now the search giant has advanced to the extremely last steps of its plan and started sending last reminders to users who are yet to migrate.

More specifically, Google is now reaching out to users still running Google Play Music, either on cellphones or on apps like Android Auto, warning that the service is about to get the ax.

You’ll quickly lose access to Google Play Music,” the title of the e-mail checks out.

We’ve seen that you have not moved your members to YouTube Music. Within the next few weeks, we’ll be canceling your Google Play Music membership and benefits. We will send you a verification when completed. To keep your members and benefits at your existing rate, transfer to YouTube Music today,” Google explains.Indeed, Google is

hoping that Google Play Music customers would make the switch to YouTube Music, and the business has even released devoted tools that would assist with the migration of data between the two services.However, it’s really clear that YouTube Music is not everyone’s cup

of tea, and as far as Android Auto users are concerned, this new service is far from ending up being a deserving replacement to Google Play Music.One of the original issues on YouTube Music, and which has just recently been resolved by Google, concerned

the content purchased on Google Play Music. Listening to the owned songs without purchasing a YouTube Music membership wasn’t possible on Android Auto, so Google included a totally free tier that was particularly carried out with this purpose.Others grumble that YouTube Music is slower than Google Play Music , while some of those who made the switch claim that the integration with Android Auto is

still far from what they expected when they moved their data.For now, however, it’s quite clear that the days of Google Play Music are numbered, and the service is forecasted to be retired in simply one month.

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