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Home and Away spoilers follow from Australian-pace episodes, which some UK readers may prefer to avoid.Home and Away has aired

a highly tense week of episodes in Australia, with Colby Thorne lastly facing arrest thanks to” Witness X” and his liked ones all left in turmoil after his comeuppance.Meanwhile, the Parata household dealt with a nail-biting stand-off with some unsafe enemies– and the problem is far from resolved.Here are 7 big concerns we’ve been left with after the most recent Summer Bay drama.1. Will Jasmine end up being a mum?< div

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jasmine delaney in home and away

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: 48rem)” > Endemol Shine Channel 5 Home and Away meant a surprising brand-new story for Jasmine today as she confided in Irene about her desire to end up being a mother. She discussed that she ‘d like to follow in the steps of Tori by coming up with a co-parenting arrangement and having an infant with a friend.Not playing around, Jasmine made plans to approach Colby with the proposal, loaded with interest about how he’s one of the best people she understands. Rather awkwardly, this all turned sour when Colby was openly arrested for murder prior to she got an opportunity to ask him. Back to the drawing board …

With Colby’s future now looking bleak, it appears that Jas will have to reconsider her choices simply a little– however is it really the last we’ll hear about her motherhood dreams?

2. What has Witness X informed Angelo?

angelo rosetta in home and away

 angelo rosetta in house and away Endemol Shine Channel 5 In long-awaited scenes, Angelo finally went ahead and apprehended Colby for Ross’s murder. Colby refused to answer any questions, however was formally charged based upon the evidence that Angelo currently had.The significant turning point in the event appeared to be Witness X’s statement, but the mystery of this individual’s identity had not been solved by the end of the week. Angelo didn’t even expose exactly what this individual had shared.Angelo’s superiors in the police have alerted him that Witness X’s proof is circumstantial and may not always be the exciting breakthrough he needed. This might perhaps point to someone who knows Colby’s regret however wasn’t there to see it unfold with their own eyes, such as Bella, Nikau, Willow or Ziggy.For now, the secret continues … 3. Just how much threat are the Parata household in?< div class =" embed embed-image embed-image-center embed-image-medium

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tane parata in home and away


: 61.25 rem)” > Channel 5 It was a difficult week for the Parata family, as Tane missed his deadline to pay back his criminal contacts for some drugs that he ‘d lost. Tane was facing needs for $ 25,000 as settlement, however failed to come up with the necessary payment on time.Leon and his heavies came to the Parata home and attempted to threaten Tane, leading to a battle, but all of the fighters were jailed when Ryder wisely called the police.

At the police headquarters, there was honour amongst thieves as the Paratas and their enemies all made bogus reasons for the fight to get themselves out of difficulty. Once they were released without charge, though, Tane was warned that the grudge was far from resolved.Tane and Ari were particular that their opponents would be back and both concurred that they couldn’t pay for to unwind. And with Nikau now deciding to remain in the Bay with Bella, he might also be in the shooting line.4. Is Colby in danger?< div

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colby thorne in home and away

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lazyload” data-src=” https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/home-and-away-2-colby-thorne-1602187499.jpg?resize=480:* “> Endemol Shine Channel 5 Angelo ended the week by alerting Colby that he may not be launched on bail. He prepares to paint Colby as a prospective flight danger, which would indicate him being secured on remand ahead of his trial.Colby panicked upon hearing this news, knowing that a cop would be a major target for violence and hazards in jail.

Unsurprisingly after weeks of animosity, Angelo wasn’t too sympathetic.Dean revealed comparable worries for Colby’s security, even questioning whether he must hand himself in so that he might be there to safeguard him. Could Colby will deal with a turbulent time behind bars, or will he be given bail and score a new victory versus Angelo?

5. How will Mackenzie find out the reality?

mackenzie booth and tane parata in home and away

< img alt=" mackenzie cubicle and tane parata in home and away" title=" Mackenzie Booth and Tane Parata in Home and Away” class=” lazyimage lazyload” data-src=” https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/home-and-away-4-mackenzie-booth-tane-parata-3-1602189585.jpg?resize=480:*&#8221; > Endemol Shine Channel 5 Home and Away’s Witness X promo Revealed Mackenzie seemingly aware of the fact behind Ross’s murder, but these scenes still have not aired. Instead, Mackenzie revealed her shock over Colby’s arrest and naively made numerous remarks objecting his innocence.After the pier home was trashed by the cops, who were searching for evidence, Bella and Nikau chose to move in with Ziggy and Mac at the Astoni house for a while. Could one of them eventually let the truth slip to Mac? Let’s face it, Colby’s guilt is Summer Bay’s worst-kept trick at this moment.6. Is there still hope for Dean and Ziggy?

ziggy astoni and dean thompson in home and away

< source

data-srcset =” https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/home-and-away-5-ziggy-astoni-dean-thompson-tori-morgan-1602791994.jpg?resize=768:* “media =”( min-width: 61.25 rapid eye movement) “>  ziggy astoni and dean thompson in home and away Channel 5 The arrest of Colby led to psychological scenes for Dean, as Ziggy tried to talk him out of handing himself in too.

Dean was clearly at rock bottom as he admitted that he ‘d currently lost everything after their separation, so was willing to return to prison out of commitment to Colby. It was clear that he might change his mind if Ziggy offered him a reason to stay in the Bay.Ziggy also acknowledged the incomplete business in between her and Dean when she had a heart-to-heart with Willow later on. She confessed that she may have evaluated Dean too roughly when she discarded him a couple of weeks previously, but didn’t desire him to base such big decisions about his future on her.Later, Ziggy had to break Dean’s heart all over again by informing him that absolutely nothing had altered between them. Does this lead the way for the long-expected Tane and Ziggy love!.?.!? Or could the feelings in between Ziggy and Dean still be reviewed one day? 7. Can Owen and Roo ever surpass Evan?

owen with roo stewart in home and away

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Colby refused to respond to any questions, however was officially charged based on the evidence that Angelo currently had.The major turning point in the case appeared to be Witness X’s declaration, but the mystery of this person’s identity had not been fixed by the end of the week. Angelo ended the week by cautioning Colby that he might not be released on bail. Unsurprisingly after weeks of displeasure, Angelo wasn’t too sympathetic.Dean expressed similar fears for Colby’s safety, even questioning whether he needs to hand himself in so that he could be there to secure him. Does this pave the way for the long-expected Tane and Ziggy love!.?. Roo recently returned to Summer Bay without Owen and refused to reveal why their relationship had actually gone wrong throughout their trip away.

” > Ewan Donnachie Channel 5 Roo recently went back to Summer Bay without Owen and refused to expose why their relationship had actually gone incorrect during their journey away. With Owen finally making a reappearance today, all ended up being clear– and the information were quite cringeworthy.Roo confided in Marilyn

about how she ‘d unintentionally called Owen” Evan “when they were in bed together, which left her mortified at the time. It likewise raised some essential questions about whether she’s only with Owen since of his physical similarity to his late twin.In a ashamed and persistent mood, Roo attempted her best to avoid Owen following his go to but eventually needed to face him. Can they find a way to sort this out?Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15 pm and 6pm on Channel 5( UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7( Australia). Digital Spy now has anewsletter– register to get it sent directly to your inbox. Read more Home and Away spoilers on our dedicated homepage Want present-day soaps news, spoilers and gossip&on your social&feeds? Just strike’ Like’ on our Digital Spy Soaps Facebook page and’ Follow’ on our @soapscoop Twitter account. This material is produced and kept by

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