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Fortnite mobile took a massive hit a few months back, when Epic Games decided to bypass the Google Play and App Store monetization rules by selling V-Bucks straight to their players. Android users could still access Fortnite through the Epic Games launcher. However iOS users were stuck playing the old variation of the game while Epic and Apple combated it out in court.

iOS users were resigned to wait until mid-2021 before they had the ability to play Fortnite once again– disallowing any rulings, hold-ups, or settlements. A recent report from the BBC suggests that Nvidia might be the conserving grace for this lost piece of the Fortnite neighborhood.

Apple vs Epic GamesApple vs Epic Games

Apple vs Epic Games Nvidia has launched their GeForce Now computer game streaming service for Mac, Windows, and Android, which permits players to utilize web internet browsers to access their preferred video games– including Fortnite. The streaming service hasn’t been launched for iOS, but an update is anticipated to come out prior to Christmas 2020, suggesting that iPhone gamers could play Fortnite through Safari before the end of the year. There’s a chance that Nvidia will omit Fortnite from their offerings by the end of the year, but this doesn’t promise. Epic and Nvidia have been partnering with one another on several releases, including the new RTX Ray Tracing for Fortnite. Nvidia is likewise promoting Fortnite on the primary page for GeForce Now, as you can see in the image, above. Apple does not limit sites on Safari, which suggests that iPhone players can utilize GeForce now to play Fortnite when an iOS variation is created. Mac users can already access Fortnite through the service.

Streaming Fortnite might not be the perfect method to play from an efficiency perspective, however it’s much better than absolutely nothing. A minimum of, iOS players will have one method to play prior to this lawsuit is settled.

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