Switch Is Getting A Brand-New Dizzy Game, And It Was Coded During Lockdown – Nintendo Life


If you’re a British gamer who matured in the ’80s then Dizzy will need no introduction. The egg-based hero produced by The Oliver Twins starred in various adventures throughout a large range of systems, consisting of the NES.

A few of those really same experiences have been eternalized on the Evercade handheld recently– but if you’re looking for some brand-new Yolkfolk action, then you’re in luck.

The Oliver Twins have just revealed that they’re about to release details on a new Dizzy instalment that was coded for Switch throughout the very first UK lockdown (this week, we’ve simply gone into Lockdown II: The Wrath of Khan).

We’re excited that a news release is coming out soon of our new Dizzy video game that we composed on Switch throughout the very first lockdown!

There’s very little else beyond that statement, but the truth that Dizzy is getting a new outing is cause for celebration. Let us understand if you’re eagerly anticipating seeing the news by leaving a remark below.

If you’re brand-new to the series, then this video by Slope’s Game Room will give you an excellent grounding:

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