Teen, 16, suffered third degree burns after lice shampoo caught fire and engulfed her in flames – The Sun

A TEENAGER suffered third-degree burns on her face and body after lice hair shampoo on her head caught fire.

Aleema Ali, 16 from Bradford, England is a full-time A-level student in college– but four years ago, a freak mishap altered her life forever.

Aleema suffered third degree burns

4 Aleema suffered third degree burns Credit: Jam Press

In December 2016, Aleema returned home from boarding school and caught head lice. She decided to use” Full Marks Solution “, a medicated hair shampoo to kill the lice in her hair. As she had to leave the item on for a long time

Aleema Ali before the incident


Aleema decided to set about her day-to-day tasks and assisted her mumtake the bins out. She walked into the cooking area to get the trash bag while her mum was cooking, not understanding the item on her head was highly flammable. 4 Aleema Ali prior to the incident Credit: Jam Press Aleema’s hair suddenly caught fire and her whole head was swallowed up in flames.

Aleema has burns on her face, head, arms, chest, thighs, stomach, back and hands

Aleema, who was just 12-years-old at the

time, was hurried to the ambulance and reached the hospital around 10 minutes after the occurrence. She was rushed to the medical facility’s extensive care system and put in a coma for 2 months. Describing the terrifying accident, Aleema said:”I returned from boarding school on December 2016,

I had captured head lice and I asked my mum to take them out for me that same night, she put the medication onto my hair and after that went to the kitchen area to make food.< div class= "short article __

media-img-container open-gallery “data-index= “1722578”> 4 Aleema has burns on her face, head, arms, chest, thighs, stomach, back and hands Credit: Jam Press” I went to the cooking area to get to the bin and whilst I was strolling previous, my hair ignited as

the medication was incredibly flammable. “I went and panicked to a state of shock and the only thing I might believe was, ‘I’m going to die. ‘”I was in a coma for 2 months so

there was no immediate reaction. They gradually developed the quantity of time I was awake.”Even with all the obstacles, Aleema is grateful for the circumstances and said the accident has made her love herself from within and made her into a more positive individual.

Aleema's injuries have been life changing but she says she's stronger than she was before

She stated:

“In a way, I am now pleased this occurred. It’s made me into a better individual. My self-love and self-confidence have increased rapidly.”It’s changed my life for the much better. I’m a much stronger, braver and confident than I was before. “Aleema suffered third-degree burns on 55 per cent of her body including her face, head, arms, chest, thighs, stomach, back and hands.

4 Aleema’s injuries have been life changing however she states she’s more powerful than she was prior to

Credit: Jam Press She likewise lost seven fingers and is presently only able to move 2 of her fingers. Aleema endured a long and uncomfortable healing process throughout the years, with skin graft surgical treatments, specialised garments, and medication to assist her adjust to normal day-living after her mishap. The 16-year-old said:”My recovery was incredibly challenging and it is still ongoing.”Every day, I have to do nebulisers, humidifiers, pressure garments, splits, creams, medication and much a more.

“I’ve had numerous surgeries prior to and will hopefully have more in the future. “Every single member of the NHS has actually been so supportive from the healthcare facilities I’ve been to consisting of Birmingham children’s healthcare facility, Sheffield kids’s healthcare facility and Pinderfields. “Internally, I am completely fine.

I was likewise told my hair would not grow back but astonishingly it has. I can still lead a totally typical life. I can drive and do everyday activities.”

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