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Some a little disappointing news for those of you who’ve invested your cash in a brand brand-new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset: unlike the original Quest, the second generation model doesn’t support games from the Oculus Go.While the

news isn’t entirely unanticipated, and does not detract too much from what is otherwise a top-class little bit of hardware, it is an embarassment that the Oculus Go apps and video games now seem to be consigned to VR history.

Confirmation about the absence of backwards compatibility showed up from Oculus Consulting CTO John Carmack, who said on Twitter that he “lost the internal argument” over whether titles from the older headset ought to be playable.What we want to see from the Microsoft Surface Go 3 The Samsung Galaxy S21 might get an early release Even after the iPhone 12 launch, the iPhone 11 is appealing For the uninitiated, the Oculus Go went on sale in 2018

, the very first standalone VR headset– no smart phone or computer needed– that Facebook-owned Oculus put on the market. It was followed by the more powerful Oculus Quest in 2019. Go vs Quest The end of the roadway for the Oculus Go is quick approaching: it’s no longer on sale, and Oculus will not be adding or upgrading video games and apps after completionof this year(so load it up with software now, if you’ve still got one). Bug repairs and security patches will be provided throughout 2022, so the headset will be usable and safe for a number of years a minimum of. It’s not all of a sudden going to develop into a non-functioning brick that’s unable to run anything.Of course one of the most significant advantages of the Quest designs over the Go is that they track your motion through space– they know when you’re strolling around and ducking,

not simply when you’re moving your head from side to side.That opens up an entire new realm of possibilities for VR designers, so the writing was constantly on the wall for the first generation of apps and games. Still, it’s a pity that the internal argument over these older titles ended up with them being shut out.Via The Verge

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