iPhone 12 Mini: give Apple a small hand. Its finally created a full-fat phone fit for women — whether it meant to or not – The Times

Ladies, it’s taking place at last. The moment we’ve all been waiting on: Apple is releasing a phone just for us girls. OK, not precisely. As we all know, if it were a phone created for females, it would be pink, included built-in airbrushing, have less processing power and yet somehow be more pricey than its non-pink, higher-spec counterpart.I’m not joking:

when the Keecoo K1 lady-phone was launched in China in 2016, it included a two-year-old operating system and a camera that “immediately makes your skin look smooth and delicate”.

By contrast, the new iPhone 12 Mini– unveiled recently by Apple’s chief, Tim Cook– isn’t available in pink, however it does can be found in blue, amongst four other tones, so red-blooded

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