Google Maps Street View: Google captures ‘rebel’ woman’s rude move on camera – Express

Yet it isn’t the direction of her gaze that suggests her distaste at the Google Street View camera.Instead, it is the raunchy gesture she is making at the electronic camera’s lens.The woman is photographed raising her middle

finger-a relocation which is often symbolic of swearing at someone.While the video camera has actually handled to capture the moment of insult, the woman’s identity is hidden by Google Street View’s privacy policy.Another joked:”Google’s trying to remove her. RISE AGAINST THE MACHINE!! And by machine, I suggest search engine.

” Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time a passerby has taken the decision to lift a finger towards the camera.Previously,

when taking a trip around California in the United States, two males were spotted pulling similar moves.Standing beyond a hotel on Main Street of Balboa Pier, in Newport Beach, one male seemed to have actually identified the Google Car.Whether to get the attention of the driver or merely to get a laugh, the male chose to pull an impolite move.Raising up both of his arms, the pedestrian is using his hands to make 2 repulsive hand symbols.Adding insult to injury, it appears he is signed up with by an onlooker who followed suit.As the Google automobile

speeds along the street, the second male can be seen raising among his hands in union with his good friend.

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