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Fall Guys Season 2 has been with us for a couple of weeks now, and we have our very first substantial upgrade of the season.This time it’s more than simply a Sonic the Hedgehog skin!.?. !! Slime Survivors Slime Survivors is a brand-new playlist in Fall Guys, permitting gamers to have a set-list of rounds to contend in.Don’ t concern, it isn’t simply Slime Climb over and over, with a mix of Survival Rounds on the menu.Slime Survivors will consist of Slime Club, Roll

Out, Block Party and Jump Club, with Hex-A-Gone or Jump Showdown featuring as the finals. Rolling the Dice Lots of users discovered they were being fed the exact same rounds when playing, which the brand-new Medieval rounds for Season 2 were rarely seen.The brand-new update fixes this concerns, implying you can anticipate to see a lot more of Knight Fever or Wall Guys from now on!Similarly, the brand-new nameplates and labels have been adjusted, with gamers seeing these alternatives less in the item shop moving forward as they were using up excessive space.

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