‘Destiny 2’ Players Celebrate The Death Of Perfect Aim, A Main Weapon Of Its Cheaters And Hackers – Forbes

website). Previously, Perfect Aim provided an entire suite of hacks for Destiny 2, which included subtle hacks that were hard to detect, minor aimbots, wallhacks and such. And they likewise had overpowered “destroy the video game” hacks that had to do with “flaunting” but would probably get you banned pretty rapidly. Perfect Aim was widely known enough for be well-hated by the neighborhood at large, using these hacks for a regular monthly cost (and the added price of your soul). While the damage of a minimum of the Destiny part of Perfect Aim’s hacks is a success, no, gamers should obviously not anticipate cheating to be gotten rid of in Destiny 2, as there’s always some other hack to find, some new sketchy website to break the game, and then Bungie will have to go after them, and the video game of whack-a-mole continues endlessly. And yet it’s tough not to be a little bit excited that Bungie managed to eliminate this high-profile website’s hacks with the hazard of legal action. You enjoy to see it, as they say.

Fate 2 gamers continue to pressure Bungie for a more robust anti-cheat system than what the game has now on PC. Some PC players say they’ll be relocating to console which will have 4K 60 fps gameplay with an FOV slider and far less hackers, if any. I think now everybody desires to play Trials to see if Perfect Aim’s demise will help things. What remains uncertain is what occurs with the cheaters who have currently acquired Perfect Aim’s hacks. If they’re just available with a month-to-month charge, and Perfect Aim can no longer gather that fee, lest they risk legal action, will they end up handicapped soon enough? That’s the concern. (Update: The site carries out in truth state that the hack will expire when your membership does, and it can’t be renewed now)

Stay tuned for more info on how all this cleans. In the meantime however, it’s at least some step of victory for the heros.

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