PS5 Revives One of PlayStations Iconic Bugs – Push Square

If you asked us what PlayStation’s the majority of renowned bug is, we would not need to think about it for long: it’s the legendary oversight on the PlayStation 3 which showed your DualShock 3’s battery sign on top of the clock. We battled with this for several years, pressing the PlayStation button to see the time just to have it obscured by a symbol showing our pad’s charge.

This was ultimately repaired in 2009 in Firmware Update 3.00, when the Japanese huge revealed the option as part of its spot notes: “When you push the PS button, the battery life indication will no longer cover up the clock.” There was much jubilation on enthusiast message boards, as you can probably picture.

In what is surely a nod to the old bug of old, the PS5 user experience presentation programs how the DualSense’s battery indication will when again obscure the clock when you boot the console up:

PS5 PlayStation 5 Clock 1PS5 PlayStation 5 Clock 1

PS5 PlayStation 5 Clock 1 We’re going to go out on a limb and assume this is simply an Easter egg for long-time PlayStation fans, reminding them of those days when they utilized to fight with the PS3’s covered clock. After all, no company would make the exact same mistake two times, would it? Certainly not!

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