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Killzone PS5 PlayStation 5Killzone PS5 PlayStation 5

Killzone fans are having a helluva week, since they believe the PlayStation 5’s user interface introduction is teasing a new title. You may have observed the Helghast front-and-centre in the system login screen, however that’s just an ancient PlayStation Network avatar, right? Ought to we actually be reading too much into it? Well, no, but the name Scotty Kenzo has captivated hardcore fans of Guerrilla Games’ franchise. There is a character in Killzone tradition called Sgt. Kenzo Hakhan, who functioned as a Helghan soldier throughout the Vektan Cold War. So, could this be a hint at a brand-new video game? Well, no, because Scotty Kenzo is among the phony names the Japanese giant’s been using on PlayStation marketing products for several years:

Scotty Kenzo PS5 PlayStation 5 2

We do know that Guerrilla Games likely has a 2nd job in production along with Horizon Forbidden West, which is extensively thought to be some kind of online shooter. Could it be Killzone-themed? Well, it’s definitely not difficult– however this PS5 interface tease is not proof of that in the slightest, we’re scared.

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