Jimmy Carr opens up about extensive surgery he has endured to look younger – Mirror Online

I was seeing a person, getting a little bit of Botox, and I was talking to him and he stated, ‘Oh I do Simon Cowell,’and I
went,’Yeah I think I

I got my teeth knocked out and put back in. He stated:”Really late.”You go, ‘Oh yeah they were some odd decisions.”I wasn’t beating them off with a s *** y stick.”Basically I had adequate hair, it was simply in the wrong place.

on to state:”I’ve had a lot of work done. I got my teeth knocked out and put back in. And after that I had a hair transplantation in the lockdown, which I didn’t especially need, however what else are you going to carry out in lockdown?”Opening up about his Botox extravagances, he stated:”

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