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We’ve known for a while that a driving mode was concerning Google Assistant, and not a very long time back, some users started seeing it on their Android gadgets all of a sudden.

Revealed by Google last year, the brand-new Google Assistant Driving Mode is supposedly presenting as we speak, with more users getting it on their gadgets running the steady versions of Google Maps and the Google app.In other words, this isn’t part of the beta program, and Google is believed to have started the public rollout of the brand-new Assistant Driving Mode to production devices.The folks over at XDA recommend that this new experience might really be powered by a server-side switch and not by a particular update for the aforementioned app. This means that you can’t do anything to allow the brand-new Driving Mode, as Google is more than likely rolling it out slowly to users throughout the world.Once the Driving Mode is live on your device, you ought to see a new menu in

the settings screen of the Assistant that lets you disable this function and allow and set up other choices, such as enabling messages to go through while driving and disregarding incoming calls.The interface that this new Google Assistant includes on Android devices looks a lot like the one of Android Auto for phones. Users are provided with a home screen where they can access essential features, like messages and calls, and apps that make sense when driving, such as Google Maps and YouTube Music. Google Maps is in fact an important part of this new experience, and at this point, it does not appear like other navigation apps would be allowed. Not in the beginning, at least.For now, the release of this feature appears to be happening in waves, but it should not take too long before it’s allowed on more devices. At the time of composing, it’s still not there on my Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra running the current stable builds of Google Maps and the Google app.

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