Two Warnings About Destiny 2’s Festival Of The Lost Event – Forbes

1. Equip Your Mask Mod

This system is a carryover from in 2015’s Festival of the Lost, but unlike in 2015, there’s absolutely nothing in the event this year that reminds you to gear up among the three adjustments for your mask in the slot. It may not have a seasonal mod slot (which right away messed up all my builds), however you do have one of three alternatives you truly, actually require to select. They are:

Higher Purpose– More damage resistance while air-borne, more damage against all opponents, more heavy ammo drops

Vampiric Touch– Health regen on precision kills, more damage against challenging opponents, more heavy ammunition drops

Energetic Assassin– Melee and grenade energy on accuracy eliminates, more damage against Terrors (managers), more heavy ammunition drops.

I went from barely getting to branch 6 to getting to branch 10 as quickly as I put one of these on. For me personally the one that does more damage versus employers is the very best, considered that you can now use Falling Guillotine to wipe them out pretty quick, but the red bar opponents do get truly, really tanky in later branches so you might consider that one too. And all three will get you more heavy ammo drops and you will be starving without them.

> check out that guide I wrote here. Cozmo has actually chimed in to say that Bungie is investigating Cipher drop rates so they will probably be buffed at some point. If they begin dropping as typically as Umbrals, great, that will work just great, however otherwise?, YouTube and Instagram., which is also on audiobook.

Herokiller 2, and read my very first series, The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also on audiobook.

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