Retro-obsessed mum transforms her Stretford home into a spectacular tribute to the 1970s – have a nosey inside – Manchester Evening News

Stretford five years earlier, the mum-of-one chosen to take her fascination to the next level.

She has painted your home with colors of orange and greens and says she hasn’t bought anything modern-day, apart from a bed mattress and a hoover.

Estelle’s house is kitted out with floral wallpaper and timeless 1970s pieces, Austin Powers-style Keracolour TELEVISION, KEF speakers and orange-tinted lights.(Image: Alex Cousins/ SWNS) Estelle stated:” When we moved in five years ago I wanted to add some detail to bare walls and began with our kitchen area. It then went from there.

“I desired to do more and when I saw a mirror at the car boot I went onto developing the corridor with extremely graphics.

“Sometimes I have something really particular in mind, such as the Ladderax which I hounded in Southampton for our vinyl collection.

“Mostly I stumble upon things when I’m not even searching for them, like my table and chairs and my space-age bed.

that’s so evocative to me.” I absolutely love kitsch. I’m a bit like a kitsch magpie; anything really random, gold, glossy, multi coloured and the weirder the better. That’s why I’ve got the tiger and Flamingo sculptures. Estelle spends her nights checking undesirable furnishings and decoration from the decade on auction sites and eBay (Image: Alex Cousins/ SWNS)”I have vintage devices in the cooking area too.” Things were developed to last at that time and to be repaired, not discarded.”After collecting dozens of 1970s-style pieces over the years, Estelle decided to transform the family home into a shrine to the years when her household relocated 2015. Read More Related Articles

Estelle has actually painted your home with shades of orange and greens and hasn’t purchased anything modern other than a hoover and bed mattress (Image: Alex Cousins/ SWNS)Everything else in her home- from the disco balls in the toilet, to the initial publications near her space-inspired TELEVISION set- are all from the 70s.

years, Biba. Read More Related Articles She estimates the revamp cost simply ₤ 1,500, since all of it is second hand. Estelle, who copes with her partner Stephen De Sarasola, 41, a sound engineer, and their four-year-old kid, said:”It’s

fond memories for me. When I was about 13 and it went from there, I started collecting in 1990. Everything from the disco balls in the toilet, to the initial publications near

her space-inspired TELEVISION set- are all from the 70s(Image: Alex Cousins/ SWNS)”When I was at university you might get 1970s bits and bobs on the street when individuals were having a clear-out. “A lot of my art work at school and university was motivated by abstract impressionists like Jackson Pollock, Warhol and Rothko. I think it’s something I’ve

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