Samsonite Konnect-i Backpack offers Google Jacquard at a much more affordable price – 9to5Google

Jacquard is a fabric-based input technology embedded on the left shoulder strap. It supports 4 gestures: brush down, brush up, double tap, and cover– where you lay your palm on the strips. There is also a sign light that supplies “custom alerts.”

Possible actions consist of play/pausing and controlling audio, getting alerted by calls/text with the ability to accept or decline, turn-by-turn directions, and even taking a selfie. The majority of them need that you have headphones in, with the complete actions list listed below:

< img data-attachment-id ="382439"data-permalink=""data-orig-file="; data-orig-size ="2530,2694"data-comments-opened="1 “data-image-meta=’ All this is configured from the Jacquard app. The Jacquard Tag, which supplies processing, power (over micro-USB), and Bluetooth communication to your phone, slots in just underneath the material strip. Two knapsack designs in Samsonite’s Konnect-i line are readily available: Slim backpack ($ 199.99): “Complete with a vertical zipper.” Requirement backpack ($ 219.99): “Furnished with a horizontal zipper.”

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