back Review: 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO – More Travel & More Adjustability –


The Stumpjumper EVO’s geometry modifications permit a high level of customization. After some experimentation, my chosen all-round setting wound up being neural/ low. That gave the bike a 64-degree head angle, 42mm of bottom bracket drop, and 443mm chainstays. Those numbers would have been extreme simply a few years earlier, however we’re seeing more and more bikes in this travel bracket released with comparable head angles – the Transition Sentinel and Norco Sight are 2 examples that concern mind.Now, 64-degrees isn’t that away from what you’ll find on a DH bike, however thankfully the Stumpy EVO climbs much, much better than a downhill sled. That reasonably lightweight helps, and while the Horst Link suspension layout might not be rather as stylish as some of the dual-link styles out there, the latest variation has a great amount of assistance for those out of the saddle sprints. Traction takes top priority over an extra-firm, very efficient feeling flight, which assists keep that rear wheel from drawing out on those slippery, difficult root-filled climbs up.

Pedal strikes are a bit more typical because lower geometry setting, but I ended up sticking with it due to the fact that of the cornering benefits. Plus, the majority of the climbs where I live are more rooty than rocky– there’s a little bit more offer when you struck a pedal on a stump compared to encountering a solid portion of granite.

I did invest some time with the bike in the slackest and most affordable setting, however found that it felt too slack on mellower terrain for my preference. It gave the bike a lazy feel, and eliminated a few of the easy handling that I enjoyed in the center/ low setting. Changing the head angle does not take that long, though, and I might imagine regularly switching it up for journeys to steeper shuttle zones or a lift-served bike park.

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