Video: Heres How Crazy Super Mario Bros. 35 Becomes When Played At Its Highest Level – Nintendo Life

We would not want to meet this …

If the thought of a screen filled with pesky Lakitus makes you feel a bit queasy, you may want to avert now.

Super Mario Bros. 35 has actually introduced our preferred plumbing professional’s platforming to the super-addictive category that is battle royale, pitting 35 players versus one another as they fling enemies at each other’s screens. For the majority of us, specifically early on, matches are relatively tame at first, with the timer usually being the greatest difficulty on our method to success.

That modifications significantly when you discover yourself stuck in a match against some of the game’s best gamers. The clip below, shared online by Twitter user @inazuma0217tai1, shows the game at what we hope is its most severe. It reaches Super Mario Maker levels of craziness, with opponents all over the screen and barely any space to move.

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