Twitter’s ‘Birdwatch’ looks like a new attempt to root out propaganda and misinformation – The Verge

We hear the voices who feel that we’re implementing some policies inconsistently.

Twitter has actually confirmed it’s dealing with a brand-new feature, currently called “Birdwatch,” that might let the Twitter neighborhood warn one another about misleading tweets that might trigger harm.

There’s a horrible lot we don’t know about the idea, including whether Twitter will in fact release it to the public or how it might operate in its last type, but enough has actually leaked out that we do have a pretty fair peek at the feature– which, we comprehend, is still early in advancement and would not be released ahead of the United States election.

As TechCrunch notes, the presence of such a tool was very first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, who often digs through app code for proof of unreleased features, back in August. At a standard level, the concept is that you’ll have the ability to attach a note to a misleading tweet:

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