Google Chrome warning: You may want to remove these extensions from your browser – Express

While Ads Feed allegedly gathered user information from Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube profiles. The data that was supposedly taken included a target’s name, user ID, their gender, data of birth, relationship status and area info. While info beneficial to marketers was also presumably scraped.

Facebook said both of the Google Chrome extensions used practically identical code to ditch data and sent it back to the exact same remote servers. The Menlo Park firm thinks the 2 companies mentioned in their suit are one and the exact same.

In its complaint Facebook said: “Defendants shared typical workers and representatives. BrandTotal’s Chief Product Officer and General Manager (Ex. 5), developed Facebook accounts in the name of Unimania and the Ads Feed extension. BrandTotal’s Chief Technology Officer and co-founder (Ex. 5) also administered Unimania accounts on Facebook.”

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