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While Apple will probably reveal the iPhone 12 variety on October 13, we’ve currently heard plenty about the phones, with most leakages agreeing that there will be a fourth design this year, up from 3 in the iPhone 11 range. And with a brand-new design comes a brand-new name, which is apparently ‘iPhone 12 Mini.’

This name is simply a report for now, and while we’ve heard it a couple of times there’s likewise reason to believe it might not be right.

So will Apple actually call the basic iPhone 12 design

the iPhone 12 Mini? Below we’ll take a look at the proof. Why Apple might introduce an iPhone 12 Mini The main factor to think that Apple might introduce an iPhone 12 Mini is just that this has actually been rumored, and not just when, but a minimum of 3 times at the time of composing.

The name was first discussed by Twitter leaker @L0vetodream on September 21. They claimed that Apple will release an iPhone 12 Mini (which other reports suggest will have a properly compact 5.4-inch screen), in addition to a basic iPhone 12 and an iPhone 12 Pro (both reported to have 6.1-inch screens), and on top end an iPhone 12 Pro Max, likely to have a 6.7-inch screen.

The only new name there is the iPhone 12 Mini– the other 3 had actually been thoroughly dripped previously, though prior to this it had actually been thought that the smallest iPhone would simply be called the iPhone 12, with the next design up getting the new moniker of iPhone 12 Max.

Following this leakage, Twitter user @duanrui1205 published images showing what appear to be barcode stickers for cases created for each of the four designs above, and including the iPhone 12 Mini name on among them.

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