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Yet, the most intriguing responses to this face swap originated from those who feel that this brand-new character model doesn’t necessarily match the game’s story or the timeline of the upcoming Miles Morales video game. Something I’m less of a fan of? They changed Peter’s model for Spider-Man PS5. Now he looks alot younger? And strangely, like Tom Holland? Which is kinda at odds with the “I’ve been Spidey for a while” timespan they had actually set up. Feels just as young as Miles was.!.?.!— Matt’I Know About The PoP Remake’McMuscles (@MattMcMuscles)September 30, 2020 That argument is definitely worth speaking about. While it’s totally

possible that the” more youthful”looking design is just representative of a person who looks younger than they really are, Miles Morales now looks substantially older than Peter in spite of the fact that he’s still supposed to be Parker’s younger protege. Furthermore, the game’s initial Peter Parker design drew appreciation from

some fans not only because it wasn’t a clear copy of an existing Peter Parker design(even though it did send some light Andrew Garfield vibes )but due to the fact that the style felt influenced by the video game’s story. After all, the Peter Parker of Marvel’s Spider-Man has actually already been Spider-Man for rather a long time at the start of the video game. It makes good sense that he would look a little older and maybe even a little used down by the burdens of his duties. In response to a few of these issues, Insomniac creative director Bryan Intihar took to Twitter to elaborate on the group’s decision

to redesign Peter Parker for this remaster: While Intihar’s statement does not always

They altered Peter’s model for Spider-Man PS5. That argument is certainly worth talking about. It makes sense that he would look a little older and perhaps even a little worn down by the burdens of his duties.

address concerns about why Insomniac went with this specific character style when recasting Peter Parker’s face actor, it’s intriguing that he notes that this new style best matches”our upcoming objectives for this beloved Marvel character.”That’s most likely simply another way of saying that this redesign eliminates some technical problems, however it likewise leaves the door open for the possibility that this swap was partly based on imaginative choices.

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