School headteacher blames staff party for severe outbreak of coronavirus – Mirror Online

Mr Aspin published a prolonged letter on the school’s site, in which he revealed he invested “lots of hours” trying to exercise why numerous personnel were struck down by Covid-19, prior to discovering the ‘party’.

LancsLive reports.

Related Articles Read More Related Articles”In doing so they were not breaking any of the Lockdown rules in location at the time, but what they did do was jeopardise the difficult work that had been put in creating bubbles within school, and numerous cleaning and organisational protocols, by blending with each other.

“In regular scenarios I will do everything that I can to support and defend the actions of the staff of the school.

“Had I understood the occasion I would have informed them that they ought to not go to because of the risks, but sadly I was not informed.

The letter checks out:””The occasions of the last four days have left me wondering what has gone incorrect in the school.” Yesterday, I was made aware of something that shed a clear light on the possible factor.

Mr Aspin stated it was clear that the school’s procedures were “robust and not at fault for the outbreak”.

“Given that to date 8 of the employee who attended the occasion have actually contracted Covid-19, and a further three, who did not go to, have actually subsequently been infected during this week probably as a result of operating in close distance to those infected at the event, the dangers of participating in such events has been brought into sharp focus.”

He included: “I have actually made my sensations of disappointment understood to the personnel who went to the event.

“On this celebration, I can not safeguard the error of judgement that they made.

“I offer sincere apologies for the upheaval and fret that you have had to sustain this week.”

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