Asuss Flagship ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3080 Wont Be Available On Launch Day – Toms Hardware UK

This could show that reports about Ampere’s low accessibility at launch hold true, and it shouldn’t be too unexpected. If you recall at the 2018 launch for the RTX 2080, volume was really low, and it took Nvidia a couple of months before volume normalized. The brand-new Ampere GPUs also include a brand brand-new Samsung 8N procedure, and there aren’t any early indications of how well the procedure yields in the fab. There’s also a possibility Nvidia didn’t offer AIB partners adequate time to finalize and construct their custom-made parts for the 3080.

In any case, if you’re dead set on buying an RTX 3080 after reading our review, be gotten ready for launch day tomorrow. Given the huge generational performance improvement, demand for the RTX 3080 will probably be greater than we’ve seen with other current GPU launches (far more than RTX 2080). Inspect out our evaluation of the RTX 3080 Founders Edition for more efficiency details. Likewise, with no pre-orders available for Ampere (another tip at bad volume), anticipate additional hold-ups before you can grab a fresh brand-new RTX 3080 on your own.

A redditor shared information from an Asus marketing rep suggesting that top-trim STRIX versions of the RTX 3080 will not be making a look for tomorrow’s main launch of GeForce RTX 3080 Ampere graphics cards. Instead, they will be delayed to the 21st in a best-case situation. We’ve pinged ASUS for verification, but there are already other signs of a looming shortage. likewise reported on the Reddit post, adding that they’ve heard reports from a lot of Nvidia’s AIB partners suggesting their flagship RTX 3080 cards will not be offered on launch day, either.

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