Samsung says its Galaxy Z Fold 2 display has the worlds smallest curvature – Engadget

Samsung’s OLED screen used in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has the “world’s tiniest curvature,” with a radius of just 1.4 mm (1.4 R), the company’s display screen division announced. That tight curvature permitted Samsung to construct the Fold 2 with a smaller folded space than the initial model, enabling for a more appealing design while lowering previous issues like dirt going into the display.

Samsung likewise stated that French firm Bureau Veritas accredited the screen for 200,000 folds, calling it a criteria for future displays. That sturdiness is apparently possible due to the multi-layered structure of the display that imitates a “cushion” when the panel is folded. Nevertheless, Samsung likewise declared that the original Galaxy Fold would hold up against at least 200,000 folds, and it disappointed that in screening done by CNET.

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