iOS 14 release delay: iPhone owners furious over missing software update – Express

Update at 9.09 pm BST:It appears that iOS 14 is now rolling out to iPhone owners across throughout globe– some three 3 after Apple’s typical common time for major iOS updates. That hasn’t occurred with iOS 14. Developers need to push out the most current version of thier software so that it’s optmised to work with the newest functions in iOS, or, at the extremely least, to make sure that the apps will not be broken by any of the significant modifications to the brand-new variation of iOS. Other pranksters sharing the (incorrect) claim state that streaming the new album, which introduced previously this year, on Apple Music also forces iOS 14 to land in the Settings app on your iPhone. Of course, we’ll update this article if we hear anything definitive from Apple on the iOS 14 release time.

Of course, since the United States innovation firm has never publically dedicated to starting the update at a specific time, it’s not an maindelay. Instead, iPhone owners just believesomething to be incorrect since of thier experiences in previous years. Considered that third-party designers were amazed when Apple confirmed that iOS 14 would introduce at some point today throughout its item display last night, where it also announced an <a data-link-tracking="InArticle

three things every iPhone owner needsto do before setting up iOS 14 this evening (or whenever it eventually launches).

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