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Last month saw Hopoo Games’ co-operative rogue-like shooter sequel Risk of Rain 2 get its complete version 1.0 release on Steam following 18 months in early gain access to, and, now, with that out the way and a complete console release due this fall, the developer has actually detailed its initial post-launch material strategies, including possible paid expansions.

Threat of Rain 2 went into Steam early access back in March in 2015, and made its method to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch in the months that followed. It’s proven to be a hit for Hopoo Games – version 1.0 drew 70,000 concurrent Steam gamers – and the developer has now put its mind to sustaining the game’s momentum post-launch, starting with a complimentary content update for all.

Providing something of an early gain access to post-mortem in a brand-new blog site post, Hopoo described that while its development roadmap helped it remain on track, it did imply “concepts that were difficult however cool had to be cut to hit release dates”. Specific features – including the Grandparent (an unique boss for Sky Meadows) and tradition entries – didn’t make launch.

Hopoo states that, post-release, it plans to embrace a method of “sustainable, innovative development” for Risk of Rain 2, beginning with one final, free material upgrade for gamers on all platforms. Hopoo says there’s no timeline or release date for the upgrade yet, however that its objective “is to complete internal material we needed to cut, and to do another hand down feedback from gamers”.

Once this totally free upgrade is complete, Hopoo intends to relocate to a model of paid expansions for Risk of Rain 2, with the objective being to release either one or 2 a year. These, it states, will be comparable with several content updates in terms or size, and will each likely follow a particular theme, such as a Void or Imp growth.

Hopoo says the paid growth model will “assist spend for the new developers we’re going to work with, and help spend for porting expenses to consoles”, and will, it hopes, “be a lot more likely to engage gamers back into RoR2”.

“The truth,” it discusses, “is that RoR2 is taking on every other game on the planet for your time and focus – and as the game ages, and brand-new cool games come out, we want to make sure that if we’re compelling you to come back to RoR2, it’s with something more exciting than 1 new survivor and 8 new products.”

“We believe Expansions will be a great way to continue on-going development on RoR2,” Hopoo concludes, “Please let us understand if this sounds exciting!”. Lifestyle, bug repairs, and balance modifications, it stresses, will be continue to get here as totally free updates.

Hopoo says that, post-release, it plans to adopt a method of “sustainable, innovative advancement” for Risk of Rain 2, starting with one last, free material upgrade for gamers on all platforms. When this complimentary upgrade is complete, Hopoo plans to move to a design of paid growths for Risk of Rain 2, with the aim being to launch either one or 2 a year.”We think Expansions will be a good way to continue on-going advancement on RoR2,” Hopoo concludes, “Please let us understand if this sounds amazing!”.

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