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The Call of Duty League is one that we do not usually cover, due to the fact that it’s used PlayStation 4 consoles, and in case you weren’t aware that’s not what the P in “PC Gamer” represents. That will change for the 2021 season, however, as the league stated today that it is moving to PCs for the 2021. Rather surprisingly, however, it will not enable the use of mouse and keyboard setups in

competition.”Today, the League is announcing it will move professional team competitors to PC + Controller start with the 2021 season,” the League said. “This suggests that all pro matches will be played on PC and all pro gamers should use a League-approved controller of their option.”

“Call of Duty League competition will maintain special use of controllers for the upcoming season. This change provides players with broadened choice of controller, permitting them to choose the League-approved controller style that works finest for their game. More guidelines and details pertaining to peripherals will be released at a future date.”

It seems odd to me that the Call of Duty League would move away from consoles, yet firmly insist that its players continue to connect with the video game in the exact same method. There’s a reason you don’t see controllers being utilized in top-tier CS: GO or Overwatch League matches: All due respect to my button-mashing buds out there, but all else being equivalent, a mouse and keyboard supplies a level of versatility and precision that controllers simply can not match.

My guess is that the league wishes to provide its present players a decent amount of time to make the adjustment, instead of simply throwing everyone into the swimming pool and hoping for the best, which we’ll get the “full PC” for the 2022 season. I’ve connected to the league for more info and will upgrade if I receive a reply.

The league likewise announced that Call of Duty Challengers, an open, amateur circuit that acts as a feeder for the Call of Duty League, will go cross-platform for 2021– however, like CoD League competitors, will continue to require making use of controllers, regardless of a gamer’s chosen platform.

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