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Jeff Grubb has been the story of the summer season, which perhaps states a lot about Sony and Microsoft’s own next-gen marketing methods. The Venture Beat journalist has popped up in roughly one billion short articles this year, offering expert teases on internal market affairs. The current rumour, which Eurogamer.net has given that supported, recommends that Microsoft has actually been in talks to acquire Destiny developer Bungie– however it’s not real, according to the organisation.

Speaking as part of his GamesBeat podcast, Grubb exposed that he ‘d “heard” the Xbox division had been smelling around the studio, but the companies had not had the ability to settle on a list price. As discussed above, Eurogamer.net’s own sources have “substantiated” the story. Responding to a post about the rumour on Twitter, Bungie manager Pete Parsons said that it was “incorrect”. There’s some debate over which part of the speculation the developer is actually rejecting.

To be honest, we wouldn’t be shocked if conversations had occurred, but Bungie undoubtedly is a company that values its independence. It developed the Halo franchise as a Microsoft subsidiary, before getting in into a relationship with Activision that it also worked its escape of. The firm obviously needs financial resources to sustain itself, but it appears to prefer operating on its own terms, so we ‘d be shocked if it got gotten unless it’s in particularly alarming straits.

, Grubb revealed that he ‘d “heard” the Xbox department had actually been sniffing around the studio, but the business had not been able to agree on a sale rate. As discussed above, Eurogamer.net’s own sources have actually “proven” the story., Bungie manager Pete Parsons said that it was “incorrect”.

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