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It’s not clear what the cyber criminals prepared to do with the credentials. Usernames and passwords can easily be sold to hackers seeking to get into individuals’s other online accounts.

That’s because many people utilize the exact same username and password for Facebook as they do other accounts, such as their email or Instagram.

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  1. Type the e-mail address, smart phone number, complete name or username related to your account, then click Search.
  2. Follow the on-screen directions Genius Google app lets you see’realistic’dinosaurs in real life through your cam
  3. . The harmful apps were downloaded more than 2.3 million times and positioned as action counters, wallpaper apps, mobile games and more.

    Security and login. Click Edit beside Change password. Click Save Changes. To reset your password if you’re not logged in to Facebook: Go to the Find your account page.

    the search giant looked out to the concern by scientists at French tech company Evina. In a report seen by ZDNet this week, Evina security experts detailed how they routed out 25 nasty apps positioning as legitimate downloads on the Play Store. While they looked like regular apps, they were privately taking people’s Facebook usernames and passwords. Scientists stated that as soon as downloaded, the apps would overlay the Facebook app with a fake login page.It's not clear what the cyber crooks planned to do with the credentials

    2 It’s unclear what the cyber

    scoundrels prepared to do with the qualifications Credit: Getty-Contributor Users would then unsuspectingly plug in their username and password believing they were

    The 25 destructive apps

    We recommend you erase these right now … Super Wallpapers

  4. Flashlight Padenatef Wallpaper Level
  5. Contour Level Wallpaper
  6. iPlayer & & iWallpaper Video Maker Color
  7. Wallpapers Pedometer Effective Flashlight
  8. Super Bright Flashlight Super Flashlight
  9. Solitaire Game Accurate Scanning
  10. of QR Code Traditional Card Game Junk File Cleaning Synthetic Z Submit Manager Composite Z Screenshot Capture Daily Horoscope Wallpapers Wuxia Reader Plus Weather Anime
  11. Live Wallpaper iHealth Step Counter com.tqyapp.fiction How to change your Facebook password If you believe you were impacted by one of the
  12. apps, it’s finest you
  13. change your Facebook
  14. password right away. Click the
  15. down arrow in the top-right corner of any Facebook page and choose Settings. Click
  16. Dozens of Android apps have been caught nicking people's Facebook passwords

    2 Lots of Android apps have actually been captured nicking individuals’s Facebook passwords Credit: Getty -Contributor They were eliminated by Google from the Play Store after

    Evina scientists said they reported the 25 harmful apps to Google at the end of May.

    DOZENS of Android apps have been captured nicking people’s Facebook passwords without their permission, cyber security experts report

    The apps impersonated image editors, video editors, action counters, flashlight applications, file managers, wallpaper apps and mobile games.

    logging into Facebook. However, the apps took those credentials and then sent them to a remote server.

    Google swiftly removed them from the Play Store after individually verifying the software application was up to no good.

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    possible style for next year’s iPhone 12. Have you had any cyber security problems just recently? Let us understand in the comments … We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Tech & & Science team? Email us at!.?.!

    While they looked like normal apps, they were secretly stealing people’s Facebook usernames and passwords. Scientists stated that when downloaded, the apps would overlay the Facebook app with a fake login page. It’s not clear what the cyber criminals prepared to do with the qualifications. And, a tech blog writer has revealed the

    possible design for next year’s iPhone 12. Have you had any cyber security issues just recently?

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