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Sucker Punch Productions is set to close out the PS4 generation with this open world impressive. Embed in 1274 Tsushima, this action title follows Jin, a samurai who endures the Mongol invasion and looks for revenge as the titular Ghost. Through a mix of badass samurai battles, sneaky assassinations, and a big island to check out, this stunning game ought to be a genuine reward.

Ghost of Tsushima PS4 PlayStation 4Ghost of Tsushima PS4 PlayStation 4

The summer season burns on, and you know what? There’s an unexpected number of amazing PlayStation 4 games en route. In addition to some significant PS4 exclusives from Sony, there are plenty of titles getting here in July and August. As constantly, we’ve gathered them all up for you here in one hassle-free place. What games will you be buying over the next couple of months?

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It’s almost time to dress. The armoured avenger is coming to PS4 with this PSVR special experience, putting you in the costly boots of Tony Stark. Utilizing PS Move controllers to fly freely and blast opponents out of the sky, this appears like a marital relationship made in paradise. If it also provides an intriguing story, we could be onto a genuine winner here.

The most current remake coming to PS4 revives another cult classic PS2 title. Destroy All Humans puts the player in the boots of an alien with an enthusiasm for frying the Earth’s population. It’s a sandbox set in 1950s America, and gives you great deals of extraterrestrial toys to have fun with, like death rays, anal probes, and psychic powers. There’s great deals of daft enjoyable to be had here.

More Upcoming PS4 Games

In addition to some major PS4 exclusives from Sony, there are plenty of titles arriving in July and August. The armoured avenger is coming to PS4 with this PSVR unique adventure, putting you in the pricey boots of Tony Stark. The most current remake coming to PS4 restores another cult traditional PS2 title.

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