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Bugha continued to passionately protect controller gamers, stating that “they’re not excellent anymore.” When Avery raised spraying with an SMG, Bugha informed him, “That’s all that they can do.”

It’s clear that Bugha, among the most popular pro Fortnite players, is trying to distance himself from those who still grumble about controller players. He, at least, thinks that the most current nerf was enough. With positions like this one, we might have lastly seen the last nerf to intend assist on PC.

A lot of the noise has actually quieted given that this recent nerf. KBM players seem pleased and the majority of the controller gamers are still using their preferred input. There are still some advantages to using a controller, however they have actually been reduced, considerably.

During a current stream, Bugha– one of the primary goal assist bellyachers– was asked about controllers by among the members of his chat. “Bro, nobody gives a f *** about controller, male,” Bugha exclaimed. “Stop bringing that up, it’s so irritating. Like, no one cares, guy, I’m sorry.”

“I care,” Bugha’s teammate, Avery, told him. “They have f *** ing aimbot.” The 2 then started to debate the subject, with Bugha standing up for the post-nerf controller input.

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